Senior Pastor

Pastor Bill Henneberg

After many years of ministry, Pastor Bill's passion to see lives transformed by the Gospel has only grown. Now more than ever, he longs to see people connected to God in a very real way.


Associate Pastor

Traci Coats

With any operation, somebody has to keep the ball moving forward. At WLC, this is Traci. She humbly approaches every task & project with an attitued of confidence & spirit of excellence. And as she balances all of her spinning plates, she continutes to ensure that every person she encounters never feels she's too busy for them but always feels cared for.


Pastoral Care

Sharon Mack

This woman has one of the biggest hearts ever. She doesn't do anything for her own glory, but sets a powerful example of loving people for God's glory.

Cynthia Eidson -stdsize

Nursery & Preschool Director

Cynthia Eidson

Cynthia sees precious, future world-changers in every child she encounters. She takes great joy out of seeing the unique beauty in every child and caring for them with her whole heart. 

Paul Coats

Children's Church Director

Paul Coats

Paul loves bringing the Good News of God's Love & Plan for their lives to kids every week in unique ways. He never stops challenging himself with ways to bring the reality of God into the hearts of children.


Youth Pastors

Joshua & Brittany Coats

Josh & Brittany are passionate about making an impact, the same way youth ministry changed their lives when we were teenagers. They're hungry to find ways to reach this generation. They don't deny the complexity that comes with that, but embrace it.


Director of Ushers

Lance Henneberg

Having grown up in ministry, Lance knows what hospitality in the church means, and he is on a mission to make sure every person who walks through the doors at Word Of Life feels at home, safe, and cared for.

Janet Henneberg

Women's Ministry Director

Janet Henneberg

Life gets busy. It's too easy to get caught up getting things done and miss out on the relationships God intends. Janet loves planning opportunities for women to get together & grow together.


Nursing Home Directors

Brad & Ione Lucas

All life is valuable & this life is not over until our spirits leave our bodies. The Lucases dedicate their time to ensure no one is forgotten and everyone has the opportunity to keep living life as long as they have breath in their lungs. God told the Lucases "I'm not done with them yet."


Events Coordinator

Brittany Coats

WLC Events provide both opportunities for current church attendees to grow in community, as well as for people who have never even heard of our church to get connected. Brittany feels the weight of this in her heart and volunteers her time to ensure events not only happen on a regular basis, but remain excellent.

Mike _ Floy McGarity

Prayer Coordinators

Mike & Floy McGarity

"Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference."  – Myles Munroe
Without prayer, church cannot be what God has called it to be. Rather than assume there is enough prayer, Mike & Floy always have an eye on our spiritual thermometer.


Pastoral Care & Eagles Coordinator

Debbie Turner

Debbie never hesitates to find beauty inside of people. She knows God has a plan for every person and won't let anything stop her from strategically seeking to exhort people.


Media Coordinator

Joshua Coats

Media in the church is all about being a window for people to look through to access a specific message God has for them. Josh uses his talents & education to draw people closer to the Lord and help people connect more easily.