Life Is Short,
Family Comes First

We have something for everyone in the family! Even more importantly, we are intentional to provide opportunities for family to be together.


Our Nursery & Pre-school are not just babysitters. We have a passion for kids to learn Biblical values at every age! Your children will love being immersed in Noah's world, filled with animals & surrounded in ocean

Cynthia Eidson -stdsize

Nursery & Preschool Director

Cynthia Eidson

Cynthia sees precious, future world-changers in every child she encounters. She takes great joy out of seeing the unique beauty in every child and caring for them with her whole heart.


Your children know they are special as soon as they walk into our spaceship, The FUTURE. Through all the fun we have, we are focused on one thing–when they graduate from children’s church they must have an unshakeable confidence in God's Reality, Love, & Plan

Paul Coats

Children's Church Director

Paul Coats

Paul loves bringing the Good News of God's Love & Plan for their lives to kids every week in unique ways. He never stops challenging himself with ways to bring the reality of God into the hearts of children.


When the children arrive to Noah's Ark preschool the first thing they see is our big ark, clouds in the sky and animals painted on the walls.  Our teachers greet them and have activities already in place for them to do.

We use the Hands-On Bible Curriculum. This curriculum has activities geared toward children ages 3-5.  Our teachers teach from the old and new testaments.

When church begins we are moving along with age appropriate games, songs, crafts and Bible lessons.


Our children know they are special as soon as they walk into our spaceship, "The FUTURE". 

Our curriculum, also named "The FUTURE" and the whole room is interactive and sets the stage for the high-energy children's service that includes Time Travel, puppets, object lessons, Bible lessons, games, prizes and so much more!  One week, the "crew" travels back in time to an Old Testament Bible Story.  The next week, they learn from the New Testament how that story applies to them today!

A word to parents
Parent's are encouraged to work with their child(ren) as they complete specific tasks in order to "Rank Up".  These tasks range from memorizing scripture to bringing their Bibles each week.

The Goal
Our goal for our children is that when they graduate out of children's church they will have a firm, unshakeable knowledge that

1. God is Real!
2. God Loves Them!
3. God Has A Plan For Their Life!
4. They Have to Choose That Plan!


Our children's rooms are monitored each service with security cameras that can be monitored on a TV Screen located in the church building or via an app on the parent's phone.